News and recent events


Broader Impact Summit – April 14-16, 2014

Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, Virginia

The summit will deal with ways to increase collaboration among broader impact professionals, ways to enhance impacts scholarship, and ways to influence policy regarding broader impacts.



*     ASBMB Career/Outreach Symposium – September 21, 2013, University of Missouri, Columbia MO.

An ASBMB-sponsored career symposium focused on Science Outreach and Communication for Ph.D. Students and postdoctoral fellows was held at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.  The symposium included sessions focused on the challenges and skills for communicating science to K12 through college audience, to adult audiences (both lay and professional), the role of communication and science outreach in a science-based jobs, a hands on workshop on better science communication practices drawing from the world of theater, and a highlight of existing outreach programs.  See asbmb career symposium – missouri.

The event also included a poster session that showcased some of the many innovative programs for science outreach being implemented at different colleges and universities. All posters can be viewed at posters.

The event was featured in the November 2013 issue of ASBMB Today:

‘You hear the screech of rubber hitting the road’


*      EB2103 – April 20-24, Boston MA

The annual ASBMB Experimental Biology meeting featured a Science Outreach session: “From the lab to the kitchen table: communicating science to a lay audience,” which included “What is a germ” challenge, a science outreach poster session on opening night, a round table session where seven speakers presented different outreach activities, a science cafe, and an instructive workshop on how to start a Science cafe in your area.


* Science Outreach – Public Understanding of Science” is now a SENCER Model Course


* “Science and Me” has been featured in ASBMB Today – a monthly publication of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

‘Show Me Science outreach to adult populations’