Presentation topics – Westminster College, 2011

Science and Me presentation topics – Westminster College, Fall 2011

Mother Nature’s little helpers: How do microbes impact the environment?

What happens when plants and animals decompose?  How are basic elements such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen returned back to the environments?  Come learn about how bacteria impact the environment, and affect our lives in the process.

Food Allergies: Uncommon Symptoms Caused by Common Sources

What we eat has a major impact on our overall physical health.  Recent advances in science show that some patients’ persistent health problems may be due undiagnosed food allergies.  Come and learn how some common ailments may be linked to previously unrecognized allergies. (tri-fold summary Handout)

The importance of being proactive: How does the Gardasil HPV vaccine prevent cancer?

The human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection and is known to cause many varieties of cancers in both men and women.  Can the vaccine prevent the cancer?  Do the benefits of this modern vaccine outweigh the unknown long-term effects? (tri-fold summary Handout)

Fibonacci Sequence: The secret behind nature’s beauty.

What is the Fibonacci Sequence? How can a Math equation discovered 800 years ago create patterns in living things? Come and find out the mysteries behind the Fibonacci Sequence and how it shapes the world around you. (tri-fold summary Handout)

Changes in Sport Equipment: Have they really changed the game?

Shoes, protective wear, racquets, clothing, and other pieces of equipment are constantly changing with new materials and new testing.  But has all of it really changed the game? (tri-fold summary Handout)

Microscopes & Telescopes: Seeing the Unseen and the Unreachable

From observing the inner workings of a cell to the grand spectrum of far away galaxies, unreachable worlds can now be explored because of the advent of the microscope and the telescope. Come and hear how developments in the studies of lenses, mirrors, and lights paved the way for the creation of these two essential scientific tools. (tri-fold summary Handout)

The other side of the sun: Can my beautiful tan be harmful?

Tanned skin is appealing, but excess sun can cause sunburn, skin cancer and quicker aging.  To protect our skin, scientists developed sunscreens. But do they protect us from all the damaging factors of the sun? (tri-fold summary Handout)

From prenatal to advanced age: Why do we need vitamins?

We need 28 different vitamins and minerals to sustain life and optimal health.  However, Nutritional needs change as we reach different stages in life.  Let’s explore what vitamins are essential for each stage of our life.  Shall we?