Science and Me on Pepper and Friends – KOMU TV (2008)

“Science and Me” students delivered abbreviated versions of their presentations on the community television talk show “Pepper and Friends” on KOMU-TV, Columbia, MO.

To view a compiled presentation of all the TV segments, please click on the following link:   “Science and Me” on Pepper and Friends

Individual TV segments

The Science and Me Program – Hannah Alexander

Program overview – What is science doing for us?

It’s hot in Here – Katie Becklin

There’s a lot of talk about global climate change, but what does that term really mean?  We’ll talk about the science behind climate change and how this phenomenon might affect you, your health, and your interests.

Critters in My back yard – Lianne Hibbert

Everybody likes having a nice looking yard, but what do we do about animals wreaking havoc on our plants? What causes this problem? What can we do to deal with all those critters?

What’s on your dinner table – Amy Replogle

How do you know if you are eating genetically modified food?  The talk will address what are genetically modified foods and what you should know about them.

It’s getting harder to see – Andrew West

Is it getting harder and harder to see?  We will explore how the eye works, why it is sometimes difficult to see, and what the eye doctor does to help us see better

How can frogs help my golf game -Jennifer Hamel

What is biodiversity? Come learn how roads affect wildlife and how golf courses affect amphibians.

What to remember about memory loss – Catharine Clark

Do you ever feel like you just can’t remember things the way you used to, or you occasionally have to “jog your memory” to come up with names and places? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Why is it so hard to guess the correct Flu Vaccine-Katy Klymus

How can changes in an environment can lead to changes in an organism’s traits?  We will look at examples from creatures as diverse as viruses and elephants to explore this idea of natural selection.

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