Students’ feedback about the course

“The overall goal of the course was excellent. I thought that the general approach of developing and practicing the presentations in class before going out to the public venues was effective and worthwhile.”

“The basic structure of the course is great. Constructive criticism sessions were very good. The goals of the course are laudable, and I hope that the course becomes included curriculum for existing programs. This was a completely new audience for me, and a necessary developmental step. Thanks!”

“I thought that the lessons in communication were really great: Get to know you audience, keep things broad and speak simply about complex ideas, and topics that the audience is intelligent enough to understand. The lessons in creating simple, easy to read prospectus and handouts were also useful. I loved going out to these retirement communities that were eager to learn – it was fun! I also loved hearing about the other topics discussed in class, especially since we had such a diverse group of students. My own presentation changed from the first time I gave it in class. I got a lot of good comments and question that made me add slides to clarify certain points.”

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