Students’ feedback about interaction with the audience

“For me, interacting with the adult audiences 1) provided me with a new perspective about the topic, 2) helped me identify/acknowledge where the holes are in science, 3) showed me how interested these adult audiences are in learning. I think we all learned that we shouldn’t pre-judge or stereotype people when it comes to outreach.”

“It was amazing to me how this topic piqued the interest of so many people. One of the most fulfilling aspects of this experience was the discussion period following the presentation often lasted longer than the presentation itself and included many personal anecdotes”.

“One real challenge was to balance background information (e.g. define terms) with examples of contemporary science, relevant to the audiences. Connecting with the audience and speaking to their experiences is very important.”

“Many of the elderly groups we talked to expressed interest in sharing information with their friends who couldn’t attend the seminars and even requested additional handouts”.  The turnout was great, and the audiences seemed attentive and interested, responding to my questions, and asking many of their own. The understanding level seemed good as well, at least they understood enough to ask some good questions. One of the residents told me afterwards that the pace/complexity was appropriate for the audience. I really enjoyed it, and I think we should definitely go back there in the future.

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