Feedback from facility managers

Activity Director at an independent living facility: “Thank you and your students so very much for the programs! I have heard wonderful comments from the residents and even a few as to whether or not you would be doing this again next year; they will be happy to know that you will be!”

Activity director at an independent living facility: “Those lectures were great! I know that the turn out is always good, so it’d be great to have the students come back.” Much appreciation.

Activity Coordinator at an independent living facility: “….Residents look forward to the information, are eager listeners and enjoy the question and answer period with the presenters, The residents take delights in asking enough in-depth questions to the point that the presenter’s knowledge is exhausted, and he or she must defer to further research before knowing the answer. I look forward to the presentations because I know that the presentation will contain usable information, and will be enjoyed by the residents.  Also, the presenters will be prompt, courteous and effective orators. It is a wonderful program to include in our activities.”

Activity director at an independent living facility: “I know that the residents that have come have enjoyed the experience. On their behalf we would like to invite you back.”

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