Students’ feedback about the course

Students’ feedback about interaction with the audience

Audience feedback

Feedback from facility managers

Students’ comments about the course

“The overall goal of the course was excellent. I thought that the general approach of developing and practicing the presentations in class before going out to the public venues was effective and worthwhile.”

“The basic structure of the course is great. Constructive criticism sessions were very good. The goals of the course are laudable, and I hope that the course becomes included curriculum for existing programs. This was a completely new audience for me, and a necessary developmental step. Thanks!”

“I thought that the lessons in communication were really great: Get to know you audience, keep things broad and speak simply about complex ideas, and topics that the audience is intelligent enough to understand. The lessons in creating simple, easy to read prospectus and handouts were also useful. I loved going out to these retirement communities that were eager to learn – it was fun! I also loved hearing about the other topics discussed in class, especially since we had such a diverse group of students. My own presentation changed from the first time I gave it in class. I got a lot of good comments and question that made me add slides to clarify certain points.”

Students’ comments about interaction with the audience

“For me, interacting with the adult audiences 1) provided me with a new perspective about the topic, 2) helped me identify/acknowledge where the holes are in science, 3) showed me how interested these adult audiences are in learning. I think we all learned that we shouldn’t pre-judge or stereotype people when it comes to outreach.”

“It was amazing to me how this topic piqued the interest of so many people. One of the most fulfilling aspects of this experience was the discussion period following the presentation often lasted longer than the presentation itself and included many personal anecdotes”.

“One real challenge was to balance background information (e.g. define terms) with examples of contemporary science, relevant to the audiences. Connecting with the audience and speaking to their experiences is very important.”

“Many of the elderly groups we talked to expressed interest in sharing information with their friends who couldn’t attend the seminars and even requested additional handouts”.  The turnout was great, and the audiences seemed attentive and interested, responding to my questions, and asking many of their own. The understanding level seemed good as well, at least they understood enough to ask some good questions. One of the residents told me afterwards that the pace/complexity was appropriate for the audience. I really enjoyed it, and I think we should definitely go back there in the future.

Audience comments

After presentation at the Public Library – audience member wrote: “I heard the presentation about eyes at the library. This is just too good for others not to attend. Are there other similar programs being presented. I belong to a ladies group interested in educational program of about 20 minutes. “

A resident at an independent living facility told the student: “I am 92 years old, and today you reminded me that you are never too old to learn..”

After presentations to Alumni at the yearly Alumni Reunion an audience member wrote: “Thank you for the interesting and highly informative presentation that you made at our 50th class reunion on Monday. It was obvious that you enjoy the subject area and know a great deal about it. More important to me, you presented the material in a way that I understood what you were talking about. You are a great teacher and with your natural ability, you can influence a lot of young people at the University. I appreciate the way you handled an aging audience and kept them interested and talking about your presentation for the remainder of the reunion. For many of us, it was one of the high points of the three days. I wish you good fortune in wherever life takes you.”

From a student report: “The residents expressed their appreciation for me stopping by to give them the talk. They really liked it, and one of them even tried to recall one of the “Science and Me” series that they’ve heard. They commented that I spoke clearly and would be a very good instructor someday. That was encouraging to hear. That means they did retain something. It was good experience overall.”

Comments from facility managers

Activity Director at an independent living facility: “Thank you and your students so very much for the programs! I have heard wonderful comments from the residents and even a few as to whether or not you would be doing this again next year; they will be happy to know that you will be!”

Activity director at an independent living facility: “Those lectures were great! I know that the turn out is always good, so it’d be great to have the students come back.” Much appreciation.

Activity Coordinator at an independent living facility: “….Residents look forward to the information, are eager listeners and enjoy the question and answer period with the presenters, The residents take delights in asking enough in-depth questions to the point that the presenter’s knowledge is exhausted, and he or she must defer to further research before knowing the answer. I look forward to the presentations because I know that the presentation will contain usable information, and will be enjoyed by the residents.  Also, the presenters will be prompt, courteous and effective orators. It is a wonderful program to include in our activities.”

Activity director at an independent living facility: “I know that the residents that have come have enjoyed the experience. On their behalf we would invite you back again.”

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