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Science and Me is a student driven community outreach program, aimed to bring science to the larger adult community.  The program was initiated in 2008 at the Division of Biological Sciences, the University of Missouri, Columbia, and is currently also offered at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri.

Through a course named “Science outreach: Public Understanding of Science”, the students generate “Science and Me” — a series of lay-language presentations about different science related issues, emphasizing the role of basic scientific research in these issues.   The presentations are then delivered to adult audiences in the community, primarily to senior citizens in assisted living facilities, at the Public Library, and to different groups at the University.

The response to the students’ presentations has been very positive and welcoming.  Audience members are very appreciative of the time and attention that the students are giving them.  As one 92-year-old man summed it up for us:  “You have reminded me that one is never too old to learn”.  For their part, the students appreciate the opportunity to learn how to generate a compelling presentation, as well as the opportunity interact with the community, and to share their passion for science with the audience.

For more information about the program see Related Publications, and a list of presentation topics

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*   ‘Show Me’ Science outreach to adult populations – Science and Me has been featured in the December issue of ASBMB Today, a monthly publication of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

*   Alexander, H. Waldron, A. and Abell, S. (2011) Science and Me – A student driven science outreach program for lay adult audiences. Journal of College Science Teaching 40 (6): 38-44.  (pdf)

*   Alexander, H. and Abell, S. (2010) Science and Me: Intergenerational interaction rewards both sides.  Journal of Intergenerational Relationships 8 (1): 79-82. (pdf)


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